Aerial hammock (or sling) is used for aerial (or anti-gravity) yoga. In aerial yoga, the fabric is used to stabilize and stretch while you do basic yoga asanas. This is great for improving flexibility, circulation and balance. Students can spread the fabric out to create a cocoon, and use it to rest and stretch, or perform flips, drops, and beautiful poses.

There are also double strand silks, also known as aerial tissue, which are the most commonly seen.¬†¬†There are two strands of “silk” from which you hang, climb, and wrap up in to create flows, drops and static poses.


Lyra, or aerial hoop, is a metal ring suspended from the ceiling by one or two tabs. The hoop can spin freely from a swivel and is very similar to a trapeze. Using the lyra takes a combination of balance and strength as the hoop will tip depending on how you distribute your weight. Some tricks require you to balance on the top part of the hoop and kick the hoop horizontal with your legs while others require you to hang from the bottom bar and treat the hoop like a trapeze. The lyra can be used for doubles tricks as well as with one person acting as the base and the other the flier.


Pole fitness simultaneously works your core, arms, and shoulders while increasing your flexibility and confidence. These workouts consist of different grips, spins, poses, transitions, and flows that can all be combined into fluid routines. Pole fitness uses a long metal pole usually 40 to 50 mm in diameter. Elevate uses 45 mm chrome X-pert poles that are 14 foot 10 inches tall and can be set to spin or static.

Acro Yoga

Acro yoga is floor-based partner acrobatics. Typically using L-basing form with a base and a flier. It’s called “acro” to embrace the acrobatics part of it and “yoga” to embrace the flexibility, movements, and strength aspects. Yoga poses are often incorporated into this practice.