What should I wear?

It depends on the class. For silks and lyra, you’ll want to wear long, stretchy pants (yoga pants are ideal) because both apparatuses can be hard on the skin. For pole class, you will want to wear shorts and either a tank top or a sports bra – the more skin showing the better to enable you to stick to the pole better. Otherwise, stretchy, breathable clothing works best.

I’m not in shape, can I still do aerial?

Absolutely! Isn’t getting in shape kind of the point of a fitness class? We have lots of variations available for all apparatuses and exercises.

Am I too old?

No! Aerial is great for all ages! Not everyone can do everything, but everyone can do something.

Is it kid friendly?

It depends. We do have some classes specifically for kids, however they are offered intermittently. Kids 12 and up are welcome to attend with a parent or guardian. However, we reserve the right to ask anyone to leave if we determine them to be too disruptive.

 Is it only for girls?

No! All genders are welcome in every class! However, if you’re only planning on coming because you want to gawk at everyone wearing very little clothing, then stay home.

What can I do at home to help me with my aerial fitness goals?

Workout more. Push-ups, pull-ups, crunches.