– Suntrust Card Activation – Once the card is received the 1st thing to be done is the activation of the card. Activation of a card is an important process to be done so as to make sure that the card is received in the right hands. So to avoid the consequences of the card activation is a must. - Suntrust Card Activation – Suntrust Card Activation

SunTrust Bank and all the banks provide this activation facility for the customer’s safe and easy use of cards.

SunTrust Bank is well known for financial services and card-related offers that are provided by the company.

Readers we are going to cover many points in this article so that it can help people who are seeking information.

We have covered how to activate cards by various methods and also some basic detail regarding SunTrust Bank.

How to activate SunTrust Card Confirmation?

Card Activation is also required by customers to have benefits of the card and enjoy offers that are on card type.

To activate the card you need that SunTrust Card with you as card details like card number and security card will be asked to activate your card.

And also some personal information might be asked throughout the SunTrust Bank Card Activate process.

Majorly there are two ways of activating the card. Below you will get detailed information about the activation process. card-Card Activation Via Online Method

SunTrust Card Activation has two processes. The card can be activated via a phone call or also via online method so first how to activate the card via online method will be discussed here. To activate the card online follow the below steps:

  • Firstly login to SunTrust online account by entering your username and password.
  • After login click to continue and enter all the personal details asked i.e. date of birth, address, your full name, etc.
  • Then enter your card details as mentioned for example your card type, your card CVV code, your 16 digits SunTrust Card Number. All this information is mentioned on your card.
  • Now click on “Card Activation”.
  • Your card will be soon activated after following all the above-mentioned steps.

If there is any query you can call the SunTrust Bank customer care services card-Card Activation Via Phone Call

SunTrust Card can also be activated via a phone call. Activating your card via phone call is an easier method. Follow the steps for card activation via a phone call.

  • First, you have to dial SunTrust Bank customer care number 1-800-337-1140.
  • Once the call is attached user has to choose the language.
  • After selecting a language your call will be connected to the customer care call operator.
  • Users will be asked some personal information like name, date of birth, address, etc.
  • After verification user will be asked details about cards like card CVV code, 16 digit card number, card type, etc.
  • Provide all the information and the process will be completed and your card will be activated. card-About SunTrust Card

SunTrust Bank Company was established in the year 1891 and was headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. It is a subsidiary type banking industry.

Key people in SunTrust are William H Rogers Jr. SunTrust mainly offers Financial Services Products.

You can get more information on SunTrust and its Products and cards and how to activate cards on the Official Website. Official Website for SunTrust:

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