www.Tellmazzios.com – Get Free Validation Code

www.Tellmazzios.com – Mazzio’s is an Italian eatery franchise based in the United States.  They offer a customer loyalty index survey available.

www.Tellmazzios.com - Get Free Validation Code - Mazzios Survey

www.Tellmazzios.com – Get Free Validation Code

On www.telmazzios.com in order to know their customers better. Here is a detailed description of the survey process and requirements.

How To Take This Survey

To take the survey, one must go to www.telmazzios.com  first and enter the 5 digit code available on any Mazzio receipt.

The receipt can be from up to 7days prior.  His will then lead to the survey questions. Most of the survey questions are multiple questions and ask customers to rate their experience.

Mazzio’s from any recent visit. Some of the questions are open-ended and answered in provided text boxes.

Customers must truthfully answer these questions to help Mazzio keep up the good work. After that, one is asked to provide a valid email address.

At the end of the survey, one can receive a code that needs to be written down on the receipt. This code points to a reward from Mazzio’s eatery chain.


Everyone who takes the survey can receive a code that points to discount coupons at the Mazzio’s stores. Take the code and go to the nearest Mazzio store to redeem those discounts now.

www.Tellmazzios.com - Get Free Validation Code - Mazzios Survey

Terms & Conditions

There are certain terms and conditions that need to be followed to be able to take this survey. Firstly the survey taker must be of at least 18 years of age to qualify to take this survey.

The survey taker must be a citizen of the USA to be able to take part in this survey. One can take the survey no more than once per purchase.

The survey taker must bring both the receipt as well as the survey code in order to be able to redeem the offers that the code can be applied to.

The prize is not transferable whatsoever.  The people participating in the survey cannot be employees of any Mazzio’s restaurant or the relatives of any such employees.

Survey Requirements

Firstly a receipt of purchase at any Mazzio’s store is a requirement for participation in this survey. Moreover, one needs to have access to an electronic.

a device such as a phone, laptop, or a pc in order to be able to take the survey. They should also have an active internet connection to be able to avail the survey page.

The survey is available only in English, hence knowledge of the English language is a must for the purpose of the survey. These are the basic requirements to take Mazzio’s customer loyalty index survey.

www.Tellmazzios.com - Get Free Validation Code - Mazzios Survey

About Mazzio’s Survey

Mazzio’s is a restaurant chain located in the United States that serves its customer’s delicious Italian food.

The company can be traced back to the year 1961 when it started out as a shop named Pizza Parlor opened by Ken Selby in Tulsa.

Eventually, from there on, its popularity grew over the years, and store by store was opened all over the USA.

Today there are almost 165 stores all over the expanse of the United States. MAzzio’s is known for its signature pizzas.


The Mazzio’s customer loyalty index survey made by the Mazzio’s franchise serves the purpose of keeping things fresh at Mazzio’s by constantly providing the company.

customer feedback and responses are much required for the betterment and maintenance of any successful company, especially in the case of those in the Food Industry.

This survey also comes with exciting discounts and offers at the end of the survey, which would spark the interest of the customers and draw them in more towards taking part in the survey.

To get more information on this topic, visit Mazzio’s website or store. To take the survey, visit www.telmazzios.com.

Hurry and take the survey now and you can win great discounts on your next visit to Mazzio’s.

www.Tellmazzios.com - Get Free Validation Code - Mazzios Survey

Mazzios Survey FAQs

  • Is the purchase necessary to take the survey?

Answer – Yes, the purchase is a requirement to take the survey. You can take the survey only once per receipt.

  • Can I receive the rewards as cash?

Answer – No, the rewards are not transferable and only can be redeemed as they have been assigned.

  • Are there any sweepstake prizes?

Answer – No, the prizes are all in the form of discounts and coupons. Anyone who takes the survey will receive the rewards.

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