– Activate Shop Your Way Card is the official website for activating Shop Your Way Card (SYW Card). Companies like SYW (Shop Your Way) which are in the financial business need to keep security and its measures at a certain level in order to be in the market and customer’s point of view. - Activate Shop Your Way Card – Activate Shop Your Way Card

Shop Your Way Card is a very popular amount customers and also new customers are attracted towards it as it has many benefits of purchase and reward points schemes.

Activation of a Credit or Debit card is important in terms of security than the actual true owner who registers for that particular Card got that card in hand and no other person is misusing this and taking it.

Advantage of the card without concern of Actual Owner. If it happens then it is a loss to customers as well as Card companies like Shop Your Way.

How to activate your Citi Bank Shop your Way card at

In order to activate your Citi Bank Shop Your Way Card, you have two options by which you can do the activation process both are mentioned below in detailed descriptions as well.

Activation of the card can be done as soon as you receive the card envelope sent by Shop Your Way Card Company.

To enjoy the benefits of a card you have to activate it and for that, we have mentioned two methods.

How to activate your Citi Bank Shop your Way card at Online?

If you are familiar with internet surfing or have already done activation of any type of card previously then this option is for you as it is the best option you need not wait in the queue on calling customer.

Care and other stuff. Below we have mentioned a step-wise description for how you can activate your Shop Your Way Card (SYW Card).

You will need a multi-media gadget like a phone or laptop and a good or working condition internet connection and it will be good if don’t use a public internet connection for security reasons.

  • Take your phone or laptop and open the browser in it.
  • Now open URL:
  • Once the above URL is loaded and then you can verify your card by entering the detail and information asked.
  • Keep your card with you while the activation process and double-check everything that you enter so that no issue takes place.

Activate your Citi Bank Shop your Way card at by Calling a Customer care executive?

I personally suggest you take the above method online to activate your Shop Your Way Card if you are handy with internet surfing as you might face Hugh queue in customer support connecting and also you need to give answers verbally by correct pronounce. But if you are not handy with the internet then this option is suitable for you.

Phone Number for customer care Support –

  • 1-877-816-9063 Customer Care Number.
  • MasterCard Technical Assistance 1-877-254-8073.
  • Shop Your Way General Inquiries P.O. Box 6282 Sioux Falls, SD 57117.
  • TDD/TTY for the Hearing Impaired 1-877-816-8691.
  • Outside the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico.
  • Call Collect 502-522-1600.
  • PAYMENT ADDRESSES Shop Your Way Credit Card Payments P.O. Box 78024 Phoenix, AZ 85062-8024.

If you are not willing to wait in the queue then you can try in overnight time, might be that time there will be fewer people calling customer care or other numbers.

Want your Shop Your Way Card?

Joining Shop Your Way Community is great in terms of shopping and doing other things and getting exciting rewards and points.

Shopping can be fun with Shop Your Way Card with you so if you want one then it is a very good thing.

You can get rewards while you Shop, Travel, Friend outing, or party and buy products for family and home.

To register with Shop Your Way Card either you can do it online or by going to any nearby store of Shop Your Way.

For online you can go to this link:

Don’t forget to read its Privacy policy and terms of use so that you will be aware of its business working model and other risks if there are any.

  • Privacy Policy URL of Shop Your Way:
  • Terms of Use of Shop Your Way :

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